The Elliot Leadership Conference

The Elliot Leadership Conference
was the conference series that started it all.

Long before human capital and controversial issues were addressed by the industry, The Elliot Group created this invitation-only collaborative event to recognize the true value of leadership in the hospitality industry. Started in 1985, the Elliot Leadership Conference has been considered the industry’s premier event that focused not only on the unique aspects of individual companies but positioned the entire industry as a major force throughout the global business world.

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"True Treps"

What does it take to build an iconic brand?

What drives someone to dive in, create,
and continually strive to be better?

To be an entrepreneur: a true trep.

TrueTreps have followed their dreams and have taken risks to create a brand. To honor these visionaries, we are traveling across the United States of America to document the entrepreneurs who are making an impact on our industry, capturing not only their unique visions, but their personal and professional journeys. The passion, creativity, risks, and surprises – come be inspired with us as we meet the people behind the emerging brands: the TrueTreps.


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The Liquid Muse

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Argo Tea / Mexicue / Sugar & Plumm

Argo TeaMexicueSugar and Plumm

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Underground Culinary Tour

The Elliot-Mogavero ‘Underground Culinary Tour’ is an invitation-only adventure for 14 hospitality leaders and executives, hosted by Alice Elliot (Founder & CEO, The Elliot Group) and Damian Mogavero (Author, “The Underground Culinary Tour” and Founder of Avero). In 26.5 hours, we experienced the most innovative and exciting restaurants, wineries, breweries, coffee labs, cocktail lounges, food halls, and incubators in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Elliot Collection / National Restaurant Association Unveiling, October 2015

The Elliot Collection was gifted to the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) by The Elliot Group during an April 29, 2015 celebration at Gotham Hall in New York City.

The Elliot Collection represents the legacy of the restaurant and foodservice industry, paying homage to the industry’s pivotal role in helping shape American culture, communities and economic vitality. The Elliot Collection was officially unveiled on October 8, 2015 by the National Restaurant Association and will be on permanent display at the National Restaurant Association corporate offices in Washington D.C. and Chicago. The NRAEF will continue to build upon this great collection through donations of iconic memorabilia.

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2015 Elliot Memorabilia Collection Gala

Gifted by The Elliot Group, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation received a collection of iconic restaurant memorabilia April 29, during a celebration of “The Elliot Collection” at Gotham Hall in New York City, the organization announced. The collection represents the legacy of the restaurant and foodservice industry, paying homage to the industry’s pivotal role in helping to shape the American culture, communities and economic vitality. The collection includes nostalgic items from more than 200 national restaurant brands, including P.F. Chang’s, Starbucks, California Pizza Kitchen, The Habit Burger, Red Robin, Mellow Mushroom, Zoe’s Kitchen, Friendly’s, The Sardine Factory, Tony Roma’s and more.

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Avero Elliot Food Tour Spring 2014

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"Break Bread" with Elliot

In the spirit of Elliot and giving back, Break Bread serves to honor and celebrate our great restaurant and hospitality industry.

With special guest, Fox Business pundit Charles Gasparino.


Honoring Chris Doody of Piada Italian Street Food; recipient of the Elliot “True Trep” Award


An intimate evening with Geoff Colvin of FORTUNE Magazine and special guests


"Connect" with Elliot

In conjunction with TFS, Total Food Service, The Elliot Group designed Connect to create an interactive and educational forum to give emerging executives the opportunity to meet, share, and exchange ideas with other emerging brands from the hospitality, retail, and service sectors. We are proud to focus on bringing together entrepreneurs and business executives eager to maximize their own social conscience and mission. Connect honors “best in class” thinking, execution, creativity, drive, and passion for success. Connect encourages people to continue raising the bar, asking questions, taking risks, and becoming activists in inspiring their own great organization.

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Networking and Education for Young Professionals

BizMix, in conjunction with TFS, Total Food Service, is specifically catered towards fostering a growing relationship among the next generation of leadership. This foodservice, retail, and hospitality-specific industry event provides a forum for interaction and intellectual exchange among today’s young professionals throughout these exclusive industries. Our goal is to create and maintain long-term, meaningful business relationships and connections, among both the current and the next generations, which will continue to develop just as our industry does.

BizMix Dallas

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BizMix New York

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